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Wael Kfoury

Wael Kfoury

Name: Michael Email Kfoury Assumed Name: Wael Kfoury Date and place of birth: Housh Al Umara – 14/9/1974 Nationality: Lebanese Family Status: Single Qualifications: Music study – Rouh Al Quds University in 1993 The first one “ma waatuk bi Nujoom Allail” and the first album “Shafouha wa saroo yoqoolo”. Then followed: “Haflat fuquarah”, “ Meit Fiki”, Baad Al Sineen” all these album have been produced by the MUSIC BOX. Moreover he has three national albums: “ Bukrah rayih Al gaish”, Haflat Mairoba” and “13 shahr”. During this period, he produced also some antional songs as “Video clips”. His last album “ Shubbak AL Hub” was very successful – 3 songs: “AL Shawq AL Shawq” and “Ala Babak”, “Hikayat Ashiq” were produced as Video clip. The last album is “Saaloni” which is the first introduction by ROTANA. It includes: “Ambahriq iami” Aman yahabibi and “Musail kul AL Banat” as well as “lylah, lylah. Future activities: Producing “Muzail kul Al Banat” in video clip. Prizes: The golden medal in the folklore songs for his song “ Ma Wauk Bi Nujoom Alail”. 8. He sang in America, Australia, Europe and most of the Arab countries. He participated in Jericho International Festival in Jordan. *He has very strong voice, polite and smart. *He polished his talent with special study.

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