Thats How It Is
Thats How It Is
Artist : Laura Lee
Artist: Laura Lee
Album: That`s How It Is
Label: Charly Records
Genre: Soul, Funk, Rhythm & Blues
Format: Mp3
Quality: CBR 320 kbps
Size: 133 mb


01. Meet Love Halfway
02. I Don`t Need You Around
03. Stop Giving Your Man Away
04. You Need Me
05. Are You Doing Me Wrong
06. Need to Belong
07. Dirty Man
08. As Long as I Got You
09. That`s How It Is
10. She Will Break Your Heart
11. It`s All Wrong But It`s All Right
12. It`s How You Make It Good
13. Man With Some Backbone
14. Love More Than Pride
15. Wanted: Lover, No Experience Necessary
16. Hang It Up
17. It`s Mighty Hard
18. It Ain`t What You Do (But How You Do It)
19. Uptight, Good Man
20. Mama`s Got a Good Thing
21. Sure As Sin
22. Another Man`s Woman
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