Forever And Always (The 2nd Album)
Forever And Always (The 2nd Album)
Artist : Andrew Spencer
Artist: Andrew Spencer
Title: Forever and Always (The 2nd Album)
Label: Mental Madness Germany
Style: Club/House
Release Date: 09.12.2002•
Quality: 320 kbps /Joint Stereo/44100Hz
Tracks: 15 Tracks
Size: 123 Mb /51 Min


01. Andrew Spencer - The 2nd Intro (Album Version) *03:49
02. Andrew Spencer feat. Pit Bailay - Im Always Here (Baywatch Theme) [Radio Edit 2011] *03:04
03. Andrew Spencer - Hippie Dreams (Club Edit) *03:21
04. Andrew Spencer & Daniel Slam - No Soul (Andrew Spencer Remix Edit) *02:58
05. Andrew Spencer feat. Pit Bailay - Can`t Stop Love (Radio Edit) *03:15
06. Andrew Spencer - The Terminator Theme (Album Version) *03:46
07. Andrew Spencer - Give It Up (Game of Love) [Album Version] *03:07
08. Andrew Spencer - Tease Me, Please Me (Album Version) *03:45
09. Andrew Spencer - Every Single Day (Album Version) *03:38
10. Andrew Spencer - Heart Of The Ocean (Titanic Theme) [Radio Edit] *03:34
11. Andrew Spencer & The Vamprockerz - Zombie 2k10 (Djs From Mars Remix Edit) *03:33
12. Marc Kiss - High On Emotion (Andrew Spencer Remix Edit) *03:26
13. Andrew Spencer feat. Pit Bailay - Can`t Stop Love (Die Hoerer Remix Edit) *03:09
14. Andrew Spencer - Heart of the Ocean (Titanic Theme) [STFU Remix Edit] *03:08
15. Andrew Spencer feat. Pit Bailay - I`m Always Here (Baywatch Theme) [Sean Finn Remix Edit] *03:28
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