Italo Boot Mix 2008
Italo Boot Mix 2008
Artist : VA
Track List

01. Italo Boot Mix 2008 Nonstop Megamix (By Riba and Jmk)
We Dah L CD1

01.Systems In Blue - Heaven And Hell
02.Ryan Paris - Lady Fantasy (britain radio)
03.Dr Alban vs Haddaway - I Love The 90s
04.Mark Ashley - Gimme Gimme Money
05.Tm Joy - One Nights Not Enough
06.Gazebo - Ladies (tm joy euro mix)
07.DJ Oliver vs.Rachel Moore - Ella Elle La (mike sleeves airplay edit)
08.Stephanie O Hara (presented by Harajuku) - Stay Forever Mine
09. Foxy Brothers vs Moti Special - Dont Be So Shy
10.DJ Zulan vs Jelya - Musica (domasi radio remix)
11.Jungle Park vs Dara Mcnamara - Tarzan Boy
12.Bad Boys Blue - Still In Love
13.Selena - Freed From Desire
14.Captain Hollywood - More And More (recall endless summer mix)
15.Tina Bride - Close To You
16.Sun Kidz vs Destiny - Wake Up
17.Tomboy - Step Into The Music
18.Skreatch vs Joe Smooth - Promised Milkshake
19.DJ Torny vs Marco - Now Until Forever
20.DJ Kajjin vs Mimi - Take My Hand
21.Adams Project - Shoot Your Shot

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