Remix Album
Remix Album
Artist : Modern Talking
Artist: Modern Talking
Album: Remix Album
Genre: Pop / Remix
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Size: 101 Mb


01. Cheri, cheri lady (special dance version)
02. You are not alone (extended version)
03. Down on my knees
04. You can win if you want (special dance version)
05. Sexy sexy lover (extended rap version)
06. Jet airliner (new version)
07. China in her eyes (video version)
08. Geronimos cadillac (long vocal version)
09. Brother louie (mix 98 extended version)
10. Atlantis is calling (s.o.s. for love)
11. Dont take away my heart (new rap version - feat. eric singleton)
12. Ready for the victory (alternative radio version)
13. Fly to the moon (new rap version - feat. eric singleton)
14. TV makes the superstar (extended)
15. Modern talking megamix 2000
16. No 1 hit medley
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