Trust No Man
Trust No Man
Artist : Miss Lady Pinks
Artist: Miss Lady Pinks
Album: Trust No Man
Gener: Rap
Label: Hi Power
Size: 109 MB
Time: 01:04:49


02.I Dont Feel You Anymore (Feat. Ese Menace) 3:42
03.Love Game4:13
04.Take A Cruise With Me (Feat. Mr. Capone-E) 4:26
05.Amor Latino (Feat. Jose, Sr. Ortega) 4:18
06.Haters (Skit)0:33
07.Haters (Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success)4:16
08.Can I Talk To You (Feat. Lyric Mena) 3:38
09.Trust (Feat. Mr. Criminal) 3:37
10. Hi Power Soldiers (Feat. Ese Menace, Script Loc, Pranx,3:53
Crazyboy, Lil Crazy)
11. At The Park (Feat. Mr. Capone-E) 4:06
12. Cali Bounce3:36
13. Latin Skulls Tattoos And Rafaels Hair Salon And Spa (Skit) 1:04
14. Scroochie3:43
15. SGV 2 SD (Feat. Mobs)3:28
16. At Missladypinks1 (Skit) 0:44
17. Hes No Good (Feat. Boxer Loco) 4:34
18. Choke On This Biyatch4:23
19. Take Me Higher (Feat. Lil G) 4:03
20. Outro1:19
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