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Mohamed Hamaki

Mohamed Hamaki

Full Name : Mohamed Ibrahim Hamaki Assumed name : Mohamed Hamaki Born : in Cairo, on November 04, 1975) is an Egyptian singer. His mother is from Aswan, Egypt. His first appearance to audience was through his first album "Khallena N�eesh" (Let us Live) in 2003 featuring 10 songs all arranged by the famous arranger Tarek Madkour, who discovered and introduced Hamaki. Hamaki shot one song included in this first album "Betedhak" (You laughing?). Hamaki stayed nearly 2 years after the release of his first album that is produced by DeltaSound - that was a great success - not releasing any new songs until he released his single "Yana Yanta" (Either Me or You!) and shot it. After that it was reported that he decided to break up with audio producer Tarek Madkour and working on his own without him and with his same producer Nassif Kauzman the owner of DeltaSound because Madkour has been always busy working on songs for other famous singers. However, these rumors have been denied as Madkour stated on his official site that he will recooperate with Hamaki in his new album.

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