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Abd Allah Al Rowaished

Abd Allah Al Rowaished

Full name: Abdallah Al Rowaished Assumed name: Abdallah Al Rowaished Place: Holi Kuwait Nationality: Kuwaite Work: Singer, Composer Website: www.rowaished.com Biography Some members of his family were interested in his music & talents which led to be discovered in the Summer Clubs. He learned playing the lute when he saw his elder brother, Mohammed Al Rowaishid playing it well. This was in 1970. From that time, all those who knew him predicted that he will become a great & reputable artist in the Arab countries & world wide. His family supported his endeavor. In 1973, Al Ruba´y group was established by himself and three of his friends. It was one of the first Groups in the Gulf Region. One of the most famous songs of this group was (Fi sharI Al-Jahra). The Group dispersed in 1979 & Abdullah began singing alone. His popularity tookoff in the eighties. First, he collaborated with the famous poet Abdullah Al-Bannay & the composer Rashid Al-Khidir. He equally collaborated with Badr Borsali, Abdulamir Issa, Suleiman Al-Mulla & Sahir till the release of his first album called (Rihlati) in 1983, which was well received by the public. This encouraged him to film the main song in video clip & it was one of the first video clips. Then he produced many albums after that. He collaborated with many poets & composers such as; The artist Khalid Al-Sheikh, the poets Mubarak Al Hudaybi, Sami Al Ali, Saleh Al Shihri, Al Samer, Munadi, Abubakr Salem, Hatan, the immense artist Ammar Al-Shiray who composed for him the songs: Mashur, La Tasaddiq & Aljurh Al-Akhir. He equally collaborated with young poets & composers like Mishal Al-Uruj & Ali Masaad. He opened a Centre called Abdullah Al-Rowaishid for Artistic Production. Then he was joined by Mr. Salim Al-Hindi as an associate. This partnership has allowed them to develop and expand the Centre. During the second Gulf war, he stayed in Egypt, from where he released his song Allahum la Iatradh, written by the poet Abdulrahman Al-Abnudi & composed by Dr. Jamal Salamah. During his stay in Egypt, he met with the immense musician Mohammed Abdulwahab, who received him in his house, expressed his admiration for his voice & promised to compose a song specially for him, but the death of Abdulwahab was fatal for the project. Prizes: He received many prizes during his career, like Sultan Qabus Prize in 1988, a Certificate of esteem from the former Syrian President Hafez Al-Asad in 1995, the Prize of the best sentimental song (khisirtini) in 1996, a Certificate of esteem from the Egyptian Minister of Information, Safwat Al-Charif in 1988, the Prize of the Gulf song Knight in 1994 & many other Prizes. He gave concerts in many countries, of which: Egypt (The Opera), Tunisia, many European Capitals & the United States of America. He is always ready to help the young singers by composing for them or by giving them advices. Among these voices: Ahlam & Reem from the Emirates, Nawal, Adel Al-Ruwaishid, Samar & Lamar.

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