About Carole Samaha

Carole Samaha

Born in Lebanon, Carole Samaha grew up with her parents and two brothers having only one dream, since childhood, to be on stage under the spotlights. From a very early age, she was fascinated by music and captured by theater. Her talent was very obvious and inevitable.After graduating from school, Carole decided to study drama, It was at St Joseph University of Beirut where she took her master degree in Acting & Directing and graduated in 1999. Since her very first play at University, Carole has been chosen for the leading female role in most important musicals in Lebanon as well as T.V. series. "Chameleon" is the word most artists and directors who worked with Carole use to describe her. On stage, she is gifted with a multi-faceted personality; exactly like a Chameleon, she swiftly and smoothly changes from one state of mind to another one.Not only Carole proved herself as an actress, her voice is individual with an ability to express character. This allowed her to perform many songs written by great composers in the Middle East such as Mansour Rahbani. As a result, Carole succeeds in introducing herself as a promising whole artist who can sing and act with equal aptitude. Carole is currently essentially focusing on her singing career. Her many hits include Habib Alby, Ettale�a Feya, and Methl El Helm