Postcards From Glasgow
Postcards From Glasgow
Artist : Coldplay

01. Life In Technicolor
02. Clocks
03. In My Place
04. Yellow
05. Fix You
06. Strawberry Swing
07. The Hardest Part / Postcards From Far Away (Chris Martin piano)
08. Viva La Vida
09. Lost+ (feat Jay-Z)
10. Billie Jean
11. Politik
12. The Scientist
13. Life In Technicolor II
14. Shiver (Backstage)
15. Viva La Vida (Jonathan Ross Show 2009)
16. Life In Technicolor II (Jonathan Ross Show 2009)
17. Back on TV (Jonathan Ross Show 2009)
18. Life in Technicolor II (Nrj Music Awards 2009)
19. The Hardest Part (BBC Radio 8-30-2009)
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