Carried to Dust
Carried to Dust
Artist : Calexico
Artist: Calexico
Album: Carried to Dust
Genre: Alternative country/Folk-Rock
Quality: FLAC (tracks) (Covers)
Size: 313 MB


01. Calexico - Victor Jaras Hands
02. Calexico - Two Silver Trees
03. Calexico - The News About William
04. Calexico - Sarabande in Pencil Form
05. Calexico - Writers Minor Holiday
06. Calexico - Man Made Lake
07. Calexico - Inspiracion
08. Calexico - House of Valparaiso
09. Calexico - Slowness
10. Calexico - Hole in Your Head (Bend to the Road)
11. Calexico - El Gatillo (Trigger Revisited)
12. Calexico - Fractured Air (Tornado Watch)
13. Calexico - Falling from Sleeves
14. Calexico - Red Blooms
15. Calexico - Contention City
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