Light Blue Sun
Light Blue Sun
Artist : Lili Haydn
Artist: Lili Haydn
Album: Light Blue Sun
Label: BMG
Genre: Rock, Alternative
Quality: MP3 320kbps
Size: 166 Mb


01. Lili Haydn - Light Blue Sun (Prelude)
02. Lili Haydn - Come Here
03. Lili Haydn - Anything
04. Lili Haydn - Wounded Dove
05. Lili Haydn - The Longing
06. Lili Haydn - Denied (featuring Alice Coltrane)
07. Lili Haydn - The Chinese Song
08. Lili Haydn - Sweetness
09. Lili Haydn - Seek
10. Lili Haydn - Home
11. Lili Haydn - The Promised Land (featuring George Clinton & Pharoah Sanders)
12. Lili Haydn - Anything (Radio Edit)
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