The Woman Ive Become
The Woman Ive Become
Artist : Jill Johnson
Artist: Jill Johnson
Album: The Woman I`ve Become
Label: Lionheart International
Genre: Pop, Rock, Сountry
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 107 Mb


01. Till the cowboys come home (2:52)
02. When love doesn`t love you (3:56)
03. Blessed are the brokenhearted (3:40)
04. Baby don`t go (3:53)
05. Same everything (2:58)
06. Cowboy up (3:44)
07. I`m sorry (2:49)
08. Something I can`t do (3:35)
09. Love ain`t nothing (3:43)
10. Too late to be drinkin (3:53)
11. Everybody smile (4:15)
12. Red Corvette (3:45)
13. The woman I`ve become (3:11)
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