The Romantic Collection
The Romantic Collection
Artist : Inna
Artist: Inna
Album: The Romantic Collection
Label: Romania
Genre: Pop
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 121 MB


01. LatINNA
02. Striga! (ft. Puya) - Explicit
03. P.O.H.U.I. (ft. Carla`s Dreams) - Explicit
04. Summer In December (ft. Morandi)
05. Crazy Sexy Wild (Acoustic Version)
06. Devil`s Paradise
07. Endless
08. Fall In Lie
09. J`Adore
10. Oare
11. Spre Mare
12. You Know You Like It
13. Fata Din Randul Trei
14. On And On (Chillout Version)
15. Low (Acoustic Version)
16. Diggy Down (Acoustic Version)
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