Crazy Itch Radio
Crazy Itch Radio
Artist : Basement Jaxx

1. "Intro"
2. "Hush Boy" (vocals by Vula Malinga)
3. "Zoomalude" (vocals by Vula Malinga)
4. "Take Me Back to Your House" (vocals by Martina Bang)
5. "Hey U" (vocals by Robyn)
6. "On the Train" (vocals by Tommy Blaize)
7. "Run 4 Cover" (vocals by Lady Marga)
8. "Skillalude" (vocals by Skillah)
9. "Smoke Bubbles" (vocals by Milly Oldfield)
10. "Lights Go Down" (vocals by Linda Lewis and Lily Allen)
11. "Intro (Reprise)" (vocals by Reena Bhardwaj and Daryl John)
12. "Everybody" (vocals by Elida Zulu and Reena Bhardwaj)
13. "Keep Keep On" (vocals by Milly Oldfield)
14. "U R on My Mind" (vocals by Felix)
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