Bucketheadland Vol.2
Bucketheadland Vol.2
Artist : Buckethead

1. Welcome
2. Slaughter Zone Entrance
3. The Cobra`s Hood
4. Transportation Options
5. Machete Mirage
6. Slaughter Buddies Outside the Revenge Wedge
7. We Cannot Guarantee Bodily Harm
8. John Merrick – Elephant Man Bones Explosion
9. Taxidermy Tots
10. Bloody Rainbow Spiraling Sherbert Scoop
11. Can You Get Past Albert?
12. Vladimir Pockets` Incredible Bloated Slunk Show
13. The Ballad of the Inside-Out Face
14. The Battery Cage Brawls [Cage Announcer: The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln; Winner Has to Eat His Way Out]
15. Ferris Wheel Apology
16. Can You Help Me?
17. Grimm`s Sponsorship
18. Realistic Coop Replica
19. Frozen Brains Tell No Tales
20. Rooster Landing [1st Movement]/Lime Time [2nd Movement]
21. Two Pints
22. Health & Safety Advisory
23. Digger`s Den
24. One-Way Ticket to Grab Bag Alley
25. Fun for You
26. Carpal Tunnel Tomb Torker
27. Today`s Schedule
28. The Corpse Plower
29. Unemployment Blues
30. Slaughter Zone Exit
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