Rendez-Vous (Deluxe Edition)
Rendez-Vous (Deluxe Edition)
Artist : David Vendetta
Artist: David Vendetta
Album: Rendez-Vous (Deluxe Edition)
Label: DJ Center Records
Genre: Progressive House, House, Dance
Quality: MP3 320 kbps (Covers)
Size: 366 Mb


01. Unidos Para La Musica (Cosa Nostra Mix) feat.Akram
02. Break 4 Love vs Keith Thompson
03. Love To Love You Baby
04. Be The Best feat.Audrey Valorzi
05. Bleeding Heart feat.Rachael Starr
06. Take Me Higher feat.Akram
07. Rendez-Vous
08. Freaky Girl feat.David Goncalves
09. Feelings (David Vendetta & Jordane G)
10. Anticipation (with Barbara Tucker)
11. Fere (David Vendetta & Jordane G)
12. I Call You Back feat.Akram
13. Love To Love You Baby (Lounge Mix)
14. Unidos Para La Musica (Flamenco Mix) feat. Akram

01. Hold That Sucker Down (Vocal Mix)
02. Take Me Higher (Cosa Nostra Vocal Mix) feat.Akram
03. Freaky Girl (Chris Count & Dubster Mix) feat. David Goncalves
04. Feelings (From Russia With Love Mix) & Jordane G feat.Jama & Anna Adam
05. Bleeding Heart (Balazko Remix) feat.Rachael Starr
06. Bleeding Heart (Cosa Nostra Mix) feat.Rachael Starr
07. Unidos Para La Musica (Main Mix) feat.Akram
08. Unidos Para La Musica (Laurent Wolf remix) feat.Akram
09. Break 4 Love (Soulful Mix) vs Keith Thompson
10. Break 4 Love (Ben Macklin Remix) vs Keith Thompson
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