Insomnia - FLAC
Insomnia - FLAC
Artist : Leila Abdul-Rauf

Artist: Leila Abdul-Rauf
Album: Insomnia
Label: Malignant Antibody
Genre: Electronic, Ambient
Quality: FLAC
Size: 167 MB


01. Midnight (1:53)
02. Drift (4:13)
03. The Opening (3:56)
04. Clock Glows (2:32)
05. Pull (feat. Kat Young) (4:14)
06. Seconds Tick (1:47)
07. Edges Of A Mirror (2:18)
08. Absence (4:31)
09. He Sits In His Room (4:24)
10. Wane (4:29)
11. Dark Hours Of Early Morning (5:24)
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