Rhymes & Reasons
Rhymes & Reasons
Artist : Carole King

Artist: Carole King
Album: Rhymes & Reasons
Country: USA
Genre: Soft Rock, Folk Rock, Blue-eyed Soul, Easy Listening
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 95 Mb


01. Come Down Easy (03:06)
02. My My She Cries (02:20)
03. Peace In The Valley (03:24)
04. Feeling Sad Tonight (03:14)
05. The First Day In August (02:50)
06. Bitter With The Sweet (02:30)
07. Goodbye Don`t Mean I`m Gone (03:35)
08. Stand Behind Me (02:30)
09. Gotta Get Through Another Day (02:35)
10. I Think I Can Hear You (03:26)
11. Ferguson Road (02:40)
12. Been To Canaan (03:43)

Bonus Track
13. Ties That Bind (02:10)
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