Experimental Edutainment
Experimental Edutainment
Artist : Qusai

01.Intro [Feat. DJ Lethal Skillz]
02.The Job [Feat. Mo Jax]
03.Keep It Movin` [Feat. D-Light]
04.JL Anthem [Feat. Bugsy & Jeddah Legends]
05.Any Given Day [Feat. Abdelfettah Grini & Mouna Amracha]
06.Surpreyez [Feat. E-Cleazy, D-Light & X:144]
07.Good Fumes [Feat. Mo Jax & X:144]
08.The Movement II [Feat. Les Deal, Swish Baxter, C-Style, $unny, & D-Light]
09.The Lady Of My Dreams [Feat. Mo Jax & AyZee]
10.Father [Feat. Mo Jax & AyZee]
11.Yo Quiero Mas [Feat. Mario Reyes, Malikah & Gerson] [Bonus Track]
12.Hayo Al-Saudi [Feat. Mo Jax & Mohammed Zelai]
13.Jeddah Ghair [Feat. Mo Jax & Mohammed Zelai]
14.Farhat Al-Eid [Feat. Mo Jax & The Kids]
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