Don Legend The Kamelion
Don Legend The Kamelion
Artist : Qusai

01.Intro [Feat. Alexandrah & The Family]
02.Salam [Feat. Mo Jax]
03.The Wedding [Feat. Mo Jax & Jeddah Legends]
04.Unity [Feat. Ruppi 2000, Sean Don, Razor Brown & Abdias]
05.From Jeddah to LA
06.Music [Feat. D-Light & Chau`drian]
07.Party People [Feat. Karl Wolf]
08.Me [Feat. D-Light & Venus]
09.The Movement [Feat. D-Light, Malachi, X144, Swamburger]
10.Confess [Feat. D-light, C-Style & Lady G]
11.That`s Life [Feat. Mo Jax]
12.12 Jewels [Feat. Anduze]
13.Beware [Feat. Bugsy]
14.Calling [Feat. Fais Dogg, D-Light, Honey b, & The Kids]
15.Mother [Feat. Anduze & Mo Jax]
16.Outro [Feat. Nuna]
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