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Deepside Deejays

Deepside Deejays

Deepside Deejays are: Vibearena (MC), Nick Kamarera (DJ), Victor de la Pena (vocals) and Dave Pryce (keyboards). Being aware of the complexity of the house/club phenomenon, the project started from the desire to come up with something new on the house music scene. The 4 boys knew eachother for a long time and worked together before, but not in this formula. Nick Kamarera is a well known DJ since 1995, when he first started mixing in the clubs of Timisoara. As this city is one of the forerunners of the house music in Romania, he is given the chance to mix alongside with national and international famous DJs, in warm-ups and back to back, such as: Voodoo and Tommy Serano, Azzido Da Bass, DJ Jurgen, Boris Cantero, Sterbinszky (Ungaria), Oliver McGregor, Saeed and Palash, James Zabiela. As a producer, he is knows for remixes such as: Chicanos - Maleya, Allexinno - Sunrise 5 AM, Red Carpet - Allright, Shakedown - At Night, Crazy Loop - MM-MA-MA, Chris Lawyer and Thomy - We Gonna Feel It. Dave Pryce is a well known composer, producer and remixer. He had a gift for music, playing harmonica at just 5 years old, then studying piano and clarinet until he was 18 years old. At the age of 14, he became part of the �Teen Spirits� rock band, a very popular teen band in his native town and after that he changed his style and created a hip hop band �The Mask�. In the meantime he continued his studies at the National Academy of Music in Bucharest, learning more about clasic and modern music. He started producing songs for various artists from Romania, which became national hits, and some of his productions became international hits, such as Geo da Silva - �I�ll Do You Like a Truck�. He is able to produce house music, electronic music, r�n�b, hip hop, pop, dance, pop rock and clasic music for the greatest solo artists, bands, DJs, tv channels andmovie soundtracks. Victor de la Pena graduated as well the National Academy of Music from Bucharest, the piano section. He studied all music genres, he was a singing teacher for a brief period of time and he produced as well for some of the most famous artists from Romania. Vibearena is another well known producer from Romania, responsible for many Romanian singles that reached the number one spot. He has studied Sound Engineering and improved his technique of composing, mixing and masterising. Later, he discovered his entertainment side, so he started being MC in the clubs, presenting the new vibes and comunicating with the audience. But as the house music became omnipresent, and realising they have true potential, all 4 of them reunited as Deepside Deejays and started producing and remixing real intenational hits. After winning the remixes contest organised by the electronic music label Toolroom Records (Mark Knight, Funkagenda, Dave Spoon, Dirty Vegas), remixing one of the most famous producers and DJs, Dirty South, The Deepside Deejays project became a �must� of the international contests. In January 2009 Deepside Deejays were declared the winners of the Gfab Records contest, remixing �Get Shaky� of the famous producer Ian Carey. Only a few days after that, a press release from the well known label Cr2 announced that the Deepside Deejays were �The Overall Winners� in the John Dahlback - Everywhere Remix Competition. Soon after, the boys started working for various Gfab Records projects, such as: Thomas Gold, Soul Avengerz and Jay C. In May 2009 Deepside Deejays were declared the �Grand Final Winners� in a competition organized by FOEM in colaboration with Martin Solveig. The winning remix was announced by Martin Solveig himself, during the INOX Festival in France, on 17th of May.

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