About Ahmed El Ruby
Ahmed El Ruby

Ahmed El Ruby

Ahmed El Ruby is an Egyptian singer born in Cairo on September 16. He developed an interest in music at a young age. He participated in his school’s plays and musical competitions organized by his school, and won one of them. It was at the high school that he started taking his musical career seriously, and started writing his own songs and presented them to other singers but he was ignored. He gave up and started focusing on his university studies until 2007 when he wrote his first official song ‘Dy Zamanha’ and it was officially released in 2010 and aired on the radio, and became a hit. He wrote his 2nd song ‘Men Yomha’ but couldn’t record/produce it due to his limited financial resources and had to wait until he saved up and then it was released in November 2011 and was aired on the radio after winning a competition and receiving lots of votes to be aired regularly. Ahmed El Ruby has written other songs that are yet to be released when he finds a suitable producer.

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