About Karim Baggili

Karim Baggili

Belgian, of Jordanian - Yougoslav origins, Karim Baggili, born in 1976 is a composer and self-taught guitarist and oud player. He started with the electric guitar at the age of 16. When 20, he began to work with the different flamenco guitar techniques and acquired an Arab lute (Oud) during a trip to Jordan. In 2000, Karim took the first prize at the "Open String Festival" in Osnabruck, Germany. In 2011, he was nominated at the Octaves of music - World Music and 10th Independent Music Awards - Best Album for Lea & Kash. He won the public`s prize at the Independent Music Awards- Best Album- World Beat category. He appears regularly in Belgium and also abroad. Additionally he works on numerous projects as a composer or arranger for albums, documentaries and short films. After his last three albums Douar, Cuatro con Cuatro and Lea & Kash released by homerecords.be Karim released a new album, Kali City, bringing together his new compositions that put the oud and Arabic music in the spotlight. He is currently touring in Belgium and abroad to introduce this new programme, either with his "Arabic Band"or solo with his video screen "Solo Screen".