Northern Lights+Bonus Tracks
Northern Lights+Bonus Tracks
Artist : Gareth Emery
Genre: Trance , Progressive Trance
Unmixed, By Tracks


01. Gareth Emery feat. Jerome Isma-Ae - Stars
02. Gareth Emery - El Segundo
03. Gareth Emery feat. Roxanne Emery - Too Dark Tonight
04. Gareth Emery feat. Brute Force - Arrival
05. Gareth Emery feat. Mark Frisch - Into The Light
06. Gareth Emery - Full Tilt
07. Sanctuary feat. Lucy Saunders
08. Gareth Emery - Citadel
09. Gareth Emery feat. Lucy Saunders - Fight The Sunrise
10. Gareth Emery feat. Activa - All Is Now

*Bonus Tracks
01. Gareth Emery feat. Emma Hewitt - I Will Be The Same 7:14
02. Gareth Emery - Global (Freedom Music Mix) 7:09
03. Gareth Emery feat. OceanLab - On A Good Day (Metropolis) 5:59
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