About El Dor El Awal

El Dor El Awal

El Dor El Awal is not your typical Egyptian band; they began rehearsing in an apartment on the first floor of a building, playing day and night for six months. They felt they were pouring their souls on that first floor, so they decided to call the band El Dor El Awal which literally means the first floor in Egyptian dialect. El Dor El Awal provides groovy jazz sounds with oriental beats. The band has an unusually approach to their line up; two percussionists that play original sets with bongos, congas, kakhon, Arabian tabla and elements from the drums. There`s a keyboardist who uses a piano sound as well as electronic effects to add depth to the music and a flutist, violinist and saxophonist who create a very individual brass section. History El Dor El Awal started with a jam between Ahmed Omar (Bass) and Mohamed Samy (Violin). The two of them created a few tunes and decided to form a band, which would play their own original music and not covers. Ahmed then got his two friends Bob and Mizo (Percussions) from another band "Wust El Balad" to join El Dor El Awwal, meanwhile Mohamed got Naï ssam, a French Syrian flute player who played with Grammy winner Fathy Salama. Others soon followed Nour Ashour on Saxophone and Fady Badr on Keyboards, both adding a groovy vibe to the oriental jazz music of what would become El Dor El Awal. Band Members Ahmed Omar: Bass Guitar Bob: Percussion Fady Badr: Keyboard & Qanoun Mizo: Percussion Mohamed Samy: Violin & Beat Box Nour Ashour: Saxophone Guest Musicians Wael El Naggar: Accordion Meshaal: Clarinet

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