Shallow Bay-The Best of Breaking Benjamin
Shallow Bay-The Best of Breaking Benjamin
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Album: Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin
Label: Hollywood Records
Genre: Alternative Metal, Post-Grunge
Quality: MP3 320 kbps
Size: 205 Mb


Disc 1
01. Polyamorous
02. Skin
03. Medicate
04. So Cold
05. Sooner or Later
06. Rain
07. The Diary of Jane
08. Breath
09. Until the End
10. I Will Not Bow
11. Lights Out
12. Give Me a Sign
13. Blow Me Away (featuring Valora)

Disc 2
01. Ordinary Man (Japanese B-Side)
02. Water (Self-Titled Independent EP)
03. Who Wants to Live Forever (Queen Cover, New Mix)
04. I Will Not Bow (Acoustic + Strings Mix)
05. Better Days (Previously Unreleased)
06. Polyamourous (Acoustic, Previously Unreleased)
07. Lie to Me (Previously Unreleased)
08. Lady Bug (Japanese B-Side)
09. Enjoy the Silence (Depeche Mode Cover, Previously Unreleased)
10. Until the End (Live Acoustic)
11. Breath (Live Acoustic)
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