About Grace Deeb

Grace Deeb

Grace Deeb is a Lebanese singer who began her career at the age of fourteen. Grace Deeb sings in various languages (Arabic, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Mexican, and Greek). Grace Deeb started singing at the age of four performing in school plays and singing in a church choir. Coming from a Lebanese family of musicians, Grace Deeb formed a band called STRANGERS and had her first song play on the radio at the age of sixteen. After taking time out to finish her studies in Journalism, Grace Deeb returned to what she likes to do most, singing. Grace`s talent and exceptional singing style caught the attention of Assy El Hellany , who approached her to sing with him the famous duo hit "In Kan Alaya". In 2004, Grace Deeb was chosen among several leading Arabic singers to represent the Middle East in a concert at the Frankfurt International Book Fair, and had a special performance at the International Festival of Carthage, Tunisia, in 2005. After the huge success of her first album, "Ghannali El Alam Kello" (2004), Grace Deeb, adopted by the leading production house "Rotana" launched 2 other albums "Ghinniyat Grace Deeb...Aktar Min Gharam" (2006) & "Ma Bteshbah Hada" (2008) which was mostly written and composed by her . On the social level, Grace Deeb always supported the aged people and was awarded the trophee for being the Ambassador of Kibarouna, and released a song for them titled "Sarou Mitl El Jamr". Besides she supported campaigns against breast cancer, sida and abortion for which she released a song titled "Yammi Trekini 3ish". In 2010, Grace Deeb realized one of her dreams being to visit the ladies jails all over Lebanon in order to support them morally and deliver to them the message of "God is love, peace & forgiveness".