About Flo Rida

Flo Rida

Personal Information Flo Rida was born in 1979, given the name: Tremar Dillard. Even during childhood, hip-hop run in his veins, thus, he formed the �Groundhoggz�, a rapping group that consisted of him and two of his childhood buddies. The group did not become as successful as he wished it to be. When he reached fifteen, he got to know his brother-in-law who worked for 2 Live Crew as a hype man, and it was through this person that Flo Rida got real exposure in the music world. From then on, music was placed on top of the list---meaning that regular work and school were found at the bottom. In 2001, Flo Rida became a hype man for Fresh Kid Ice, still with 2 Live Crew. He also made a demo tape by himself, with the consent of his Groundhoggz friends. Devante Swing saw the potential in Flo Rida after listening to the tape, so Flo Rida was taken under A&R. Flo Rida, however, still continued looking for labels and recording some mix tapes. He had been rejected a number of times by big recording companies, but still, he did not give up. Flo Rida got his break when he had a successful meeting with E-Class, who started the Poe Boy label, and who gave him a chance by signing him. Flo Rida immediately started creating his first album. He also met T-Pain, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, etc., who also helped Flo Rida in his album-recording. Flo Rida�s debut album was released last year, (March 2008), and was entitled: �Mail on Sunday�, under Atlantic/Poe Boy. It sold around 85,000 copies during the first week the album was launched. Aside from the hit: �Low�. Other successful singles that belonged to that album were: �In the Ayer� and �Elevator�, both included in the Top 20.

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