About Kazem El Saher

Kazem El Saher

On September 12th of 1961 in Al-Mousel, Iraq, Kazem Jabbar Ibrahim -AKA Kazem El-Saher- was born into an already large and modest family. Kazems father was in the military forces at the time and when he retired he opened his own small shop for fixing furniture. Kazems creativity was first discovered when he started making his own toys from clay and wire due to the humble financial state of his family. Later he moved on to writing poetry and was so in love with music that he sold his bike when he was 11 and bought a Oud. It was then that the young and determined Kazem composed his first poem Laki Antee. Kazem then began teaching music at a womans unity association at the age of 19. But, that was not all he did at the age of 19; the young star also got married to his cousin at that early age. After just two years, the promising singer enrolled in the Institute of Music. It was before he graduated that Kazem sang his first major hit; Ladghat El-Hayya (1987). Soon to follow were his other hits Inni Khayartek- by the great poet Nazar Qabanni-and Abart El-Shat (1988), that launched his fame in Iraq and the Arab countries. Upon graduating in 1988, the young artist was dreaming of further invading the music field and actually achieved a lot by releasing his first two albums Ghazal in 1989 and then Yal Aziz in 1990. But his dreams were put on hold due to the Gulf war. However that was not going to stop this determined and self- built singer from following the road he had already started long ago. Kazem moved to Lebanon and continued his career and dazzled the Arab world with his strong Patriotism in his hit song Kathur Alhadeeth. The year 1992 witnessed his next dazzling album Haza Allon and then came La Ya Sadiki in 1993. This was truly a masterpiece that further proved the singers vocal abilities.