About Nader Nour

Nader Nour

Nader Nour is an Egyptian composer. He was born in Shubra, Egypt. His real name is Nader Shehata Ahmed. His father was the Doctor Shehata Ahmed Abd El Fattah, a professor in the Faculty of Agriculture, Ein Shams University. And his mother is a housewife. He has one sister Amira Nour, the bright TV announcer. Nader had passion towards music since he was a child, however, he joined the faculty of Law in 1996 in Cairo University. During his studies, he joined the music and coral group of Cairo university and he performed many concerts as a singer with the university group which was lead at that time by Dr. Mohamed Abd El Sattar, as well as performing many concerts in the faculty of Commerce theater in Cairo university and others. He learned the Guitar in his 1st year in college, and he worked on it till his composing talent appeared. In 1999, he applied for Cairo university composing contest and he won the second place, which qualified him to participate in Egypt`s universities contest of composing in 2000 in which he won the first place. Nader Nour started his career as a professional in 1999 by presenting the melody of "Wala Yestahel" for the singer Khalid Selim back in the college days when they were mates at that time , then the song "Ya Salam" for the dignified artist Amer Monib.After that he stopped composing almost for an entire year considering the death of his father.